The research focus between 2022 and 2029 will build on the achievements of the first phase of the seven-year DaR research plan (2013-2020/21), which consisted of international and interdisciplinary conferences, workshops and the publication of international or domestic publications. The main focus of the research was on women and children in court society, the relationship between church and court society, living standards, literature or history, as well as issues of spatial organization and settlements. The follow-up research plan will be based on a new research plan - five research themes with the main focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. 

The objectives of the research plan "The Court Household and the Court Society": 
Interdisciplinarity, international cooperation, publishing. 
The research will be conducted in five areas:

I) Household and Court Society
II) Genres and interpretations versus written sources
III) Law and power 
IV) Settlement and spatial communication 
V) Dis/continuity of courtly behaviour 

I) Research on the courtly household based on written sources and archaeology; key issues: roles of family members, servants, material provisioning of households.

Dana Dvořáčková-Malá (HÚ AV ČR) – Daniela Dvořáková (HU SAV, Slovakia) – Petr Kozák (FF SU Opava) – Milena Bravemanová (ARÚ AV ČR, Prague) – Helena Březinová (ARÚ AV ČR, Prague)

II) The testimonial value of written sources and the development of genres; key areas: epic, lyric, criticism, satire, court history, normative or educational texts, etc.

Dana Dvořáčková-Malá (HU CAS) – Kristýna Solomon (FF UPOL) – Jana Fantysová-Matějková (MÚA CAS) – Éloïse Adde (MED CEU Vienna, Austria) – Jan Zelenka (HÚ CAS) – Zdeněk Žalud (FLÚ CAS)

III) Written sources of a legal nature in relation to court society; key issues: the application of legal customs and power.

Josef Žemlička (HÚ AV ČR) – Jan Zelenka (HÚ AV ČR) – Dalibor Havel (FF MU v Brně) – Jakub Razim (PF UPOL and FF MU v Brně) 

IV) Space, settlements and background of settlements; key areas: communication, representation, internal and external layout of settlements.

Lenka Bobková (FF UK) – Robert Šimůnek (HÚ AV ČR) – František Záruba (HÚ AV ČR) – Dana Dvořáčková-Malá (HÚ AV ČR) – Ladislav Varadzin (ARÚ AV ČR, Prague) – Jiří Hrbek (HÚ AV ČR)

V) Continuity and discontinuity of the behaviour of court society from the Middle Ages to the early modern period; key areas: ideals, ceremony, organisation of administration

Dana Dvořáčková-Malá (HÚ AV ČR) – Jiří Hrbek (HÚ AV ČR) – Robert Šimůnek (HÚ AV ČR) – Zdeněk Beran (FF UHK) – Bożena Czwojdrak (IH UŚ, Poland) – Marek Ferenc (IH UJ, Poland) 

The task of individual supervisors will be to organize the thematic workshop, including participation in the preparation of publication outputs.


In the period 2013-2020/21, cooperation with research institutions, scientific research projects and university departments was established. In 2022-2029, this cooperation will therefore be further developed in terms of conferences, workshops, lectures and joint publication outputs. 

International cooperation

Zespół do Badań nad Dworami i Elitami Władzy

Residenzenstädte im Alten Reich (1300-1800)

Historical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Medieval History

Faculté des Sciences Humaines, des Sciences de l'Éducation et des Sciences Sociales, Université du Luxembourg

Interdisciplinary cooperation

  • Department of German Studies, Faculty of Arts, UPOL
  • Department of German and Nordic Studies FF MUNI
  • Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague
  • Institute of Art History of the CAS
  • Department of Art History FF MUNI
  • Department of Musicology FF UK