International projects

  1. Title: The geopolitical character of the post-Tridentine apostolic nunciatures (1562–1605) – a prosopographical and comparative study
    Project duration: 2021–2024
    Provider: Narodowe Centrum Nauki
    Beneficiary: Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach
    Investigator: dr. Dorota Magdalena Gregorowicz, Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach
    Collaborate institutions: Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences; Universita degli Studi di Trento
    Team members: prof. Paolo Carta, Università degli Studi di Trento; doc. Tomáš Černušák, Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences
    Abstract: Project comprises two main parts: a prosopographical study of apostolic nuncios’ community followed by a geopolitical study of the activity of papal diplomatic missions (1562–1605), in a comparative perspective. A crucial element of the project is to investigate if (and how) the aspect of personnel policy was the direct reason for the Holy See’s diplomatic, political and religious operations at the discussed time