People and teams

The are some 60 researchers, including postgraduate students, working at the Institute of History. The focus of their research is provided by the institute’s charter and builds on a long-standing tradition rooted in research carried out at the institute’s predecessor, the Czechoslovak State Historical Publishing Institute, which was founded in 1921. The research activities of the Institute of History primarily concern Czech (and Czechoslovak) history from the 10th century to the middle of the 20th century with a logical geographical overlap into (central) European territory. An inseparable component of the scientific work of the employees at the institute remains their extensive publishing activities, through which they provide access to period sources and documents as well as to works of a biographical and bibliographical nature. The organizational structure of the Institute of History corresponds to this direction and is based on the natural chronological framework of the research activities. The basic chronological structure of the various departments at the institute are augmented by topic centres, societies, and committees with a special focus and tasks.