Domestic project

University of Basel and the Czech lands (1460–1630)

Provider: The Czech Science Foundation
| Project duration: 2021–2023
| Project ID: GA21-00227S

The project pursues systematic research, not yet conducted, into the relationships between the University of Basel and the Czech lands (1460–1630). The primary objective is to publish a foreign-language synthesis, which, in keeping with current methodological trends and in comparison with similar foreign projects, will fill an obvious research gap and provide a basis for further investigation. Thanks to source research and analysis of biobibliographical data, the project will examine various aspects of the studies undertaken in Basel by inhabitants of Bohemia and Moravia (their social, geographic, ethnic, and confessional composition, curricula, material living conditions, social contacts, subsequent careers) as well as of related questions of considerable thematic and interdisciplinary overlap (the role of study in Switzerland in the forming of intellectual networks or in the construction of libraries, in patronage, transfer of ideas in the realm of literary activities, etc.). Within a comparative framework, the topic will also be presented at grant workshop and other conferences.


Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences