Domestic project

Map of Czech Castles. Castles as Cultural Phenomenon, Subject of Research and Remains of the Past

Provider: Ministry of Culture
| Project duration: 2023–2027
| Project ID: DH23P03OVV040

The aim of this project is to create a set of means which will significantly enhance and make more efficient research activities of Czech castles (digital map encompassing various research fields) and define risks related to the current use of the castle sites. It will also suggest options for preservation, development and heritage management (methodology for preserving archaeological terrains). These goals will be supplemented by presentation of cultural heritage (an exhibition concentrated on medieval castles) and a set of publications focusing on the needs of both experts and the general public. The project fulfils and connects 3 priorities of the NAKI III program: 1, 16 and 17. Digital Map of Czech Castles and Methodology of Preserving Archaeological Terrains Related to Castle Sites will be the main outputs of this project. The methodology will focus on questions of identification and classification of archaeological potential of castles in relation to their state of preservation and understanding and options for further preservation of archeological terrains where the castle sites are used at present. The exhibition Castles as a Cultural Phenomenon, Subject of Research and Remains of the Past. The 20th Century as the Century of Castle Survey mapping the development of research of the castles in Bohemia is linked to these outputs. An extensive critical catalogue will be a part of the exhibition. 



Eva Doležalová
PhDr., Ph.D.


University of West Bohemia


National Heritage Institute

Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague