Domestic project

Land administration in time and space

Provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
| Project duration: 2020–2023
| Project ID: TL03000264

The project is focused on a comprehensive study of the evidence of posession relations in connection with administrative units in the Modern history era for the historical land of Bohemia and in a greater detail in model areas. Methodologically, it is based on a combination of study of written, cartographic and iconographic sources, while these issues are studied with regard to the interrelationships between development of land posession and administration. The goal of the project is to implement a comprehensive and generally usable environment for searching and synthesis of data related to patrimonial administration, land use and administrative units hiearchization including links to bibliography, using a public web application, which represents basic and missing archival tool.



Václava Horčáková


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague


Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences
State Regional Archives in Prague