Domestic project

Confessional plurality and book culture in the milieu of the Unity of the Brethren at the beginning of the 17th century

Provider: The Czech Science Foundation
| Project duration: 2020–2023
| Project ID: GA20-10953S

The interdisciplinary project concentrates on research into the relationship between the Unity of the Brethren and the book culture in the first two decades of the 17th century. It will pursue various aspects of the production and reception of religious literature within the Unity of the Brethren. The analyses will concern publishing strategies of the Brethren bishops and causes that determined the choice of location for printing the particular works: the Brethren printing shop in Kralice, printing shops of Bohemian commercial printers or printing shops connected with the European Protestant centres. Attention will also be paid to the distribution of the Brethren prints and the intellectual contacts of the Unity in the European context as a factor that affected its reception of the foreign literature. The extant library inventories of the Bohemian Brethren clergymen will be compared with other contemporary libraries. The outcomes will be summarized in a final monograph, which will largely consist of edition of sources from the archive of the Brethren Bishop Matouš Konečný.


Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences