Domestic project

Central European Mountains Krkonoše 1890–1950: Modernity, Tourism, Nationalism

Provider: The Czech Science Foundation
| Project duration: 2020–2023
| Project ID: GA20-19459S

Project aims to examine the relations of modern mountain tourism and nature protection to nationalist politics in the Krkonoše mountains within the period 1890-1950. By using the journals, literature and other documents produced by tourist and nature-preservation associations it aims in particular: To analyse and compare the processes of modernity in the mountains and their interpretation from the nationalist perspective; to analyse the relations among the ethnic groups living or visiting the examined areas; to compare historical narratives about the mountains created by different ethnic groups; to analyse the attempts to turn the mountains into “national realm” after 1918 and 1938 the transformation of the mountains after 1945, particularly its “Czechization” and the modifications of the historical narratives of these mountains making Krkonoše as place of memory of Czechs, displaced Germans.


Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences