Under Reinhard Heydrich. After Reinhard Heydrich

Author: Zlatica Zudová-Lešková a kol.
Year of publication: 2021
Publisher: Historický ústav
ISBN: 978-80-7286-388-4

The government of the deputy imperial protector Reinhard Heydrich in the Czech lands was and probably will remain the most frequent topic of both protectorate history and the Czech domestic and Czechoslovak foreign anti-Nazi resistance. But it will also remain a unique part of the European resistance during World War II, as Heydrich's death on June 4, 1942 marked an unexpected wedge into the great military successes of the Wehrmacht on all sides of the world. Heydrich's surprise end on the doorstep of New Europe, built by the Nazis with the help of Aryan domination and genocidal crimes against humanity, led the Nazi leaders to awakening and fear, but also inspired further violence. However, Czechoslovak soldiers believed that by destroying Heydrich,  opened the way to follow, the way to defeat the Nazi system. In sixteen chapters, the book not only presents new facts, but above all opens up relationships that take place simultaneously while maintaining their autonomy. He also encourages the knowledge and evaluation of the government under Heydrich and also after his death in the last almost eighty years. This clearly proves that the first and second heydrichiads remain the living essence of Czech (Czechoslovak) and European history.