Oppression, Despotism and Totalitarianism in Culture and Cultural History

Author: Radomír Vlček a kol.
Year of publication: 2021
Publisher: Česká společnost pro slavistická, balkanistická a byzantologická studia, z. s. / Historický ústav / Slovanský ústav
ISBN: 978-80-908367-0-9; 978-80-7286-386-0; 978-80-86420-86-8

The collective monograph of leading experts on culture and cultural history deals in 24 chapters with the manifestations of oppression, despotism and totalitarianism in the sphere of culture and cultural history, which is understood as an environment that stands next to political, economic and social history, but is closely related to them. In addition to culture itself, the individual chapters focus on science, technology and art, but do not leave aside political, ideological and philosophical contexts. They focus on the 20th century, but draw attention to the roots of oppression in earlier times and in various geopolitical environments. They highlight the ability of individuals – important personalities of culture, science and technology – to prevent manifestations of oppression in their embryos. Its authorship, as well as its thematic and methodological scope, is of an international character.