Department of 19th Century History

Areas of Focus

The department specializes in research into the political, social, economic, and everyday history of the Czech lands in the context of the evolution of the Habsburg Monarchy and Central, Eastern, and Southeast Europe from the end of the 18th century to the establishment of Czechoslovakia. Members of the department popularize the findings of their basic research in television, radio, and print as well as through lectures for the general public. They also collaborate on the development of history textbooks for primary, secondary, and specialized schools and teach modern history and Czech historiography at the arts, education, and social sciences faculties of Charles University and Masaryk University. 

Primary Research Projects

  • The formation and development of collective identities in the Czech lands
  • The political, social, and economic modernization of Czech and German society in the Czech lands 
  • Sites of memory of Czech and Central European society
  • Family business history
  • The Slavic context of Czech history

Publishing Projects

  • The History of Everyday Life
  • The Political Programmes of the Conservative and Constitutionally Loyal Large Landowners


Modern History (in collaboration with the Department of 20th Century History)
Slavonic Review (in collaboration with the Department of 20th Century History)

Funds and Collections

Collection of Written and Digitized Memories of the Everyday

Important Grants

Domestic project
| Provider: The Czech Science Foundation
| Project duration: 2020–2022
| Project ID: GA20-02699S
The Jews of Montenegro: From Invisibility to a Community
The project focuses on modern history and present of the Jewish community in Montenegro, a topic that has received very limited...