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August Sedláček Scholarly Estate

The Department of the Medieval History also administers the August Sedláček Scholarly Estate, which was created as the result of the professional activity of this significant Czech historian (1843–1926) and his co-workers. The core of the collection comprises an extensive card index (over 200,000 index cards), which along with more than 200 notebooks of excerpts are a valuable aid for Bohemian-Moravian historical toponymy, genealogy, heraldry, sigillography and regional studies. This unique collection, reaching from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period, was compiled from the listings made by A. Sedláček in his studies in Czech, Moravian and foreign archives. Also sources that have later been destroyed or became lost are often captured only in Sedláček’s legacy. The August Sedláček Scholarly Estate is administered by PhDr. Eva Doleľalová, Ph.D.

The collection is accessible for the broad research public only by prior arrangement.

PhDr. Eva Doleľalová, Ph.D.
Tel: +420 286 892 533; +420 286 882 121, ext. 307