The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

Department of Early Modern History

prof. PhDr. Martin Holý, Ph.D.

PhDr. Jiří Hrbek, Ph.D.


Focus of the department:
The department deals with research of political, religious, cultural, intellectual and educational history of the 16th–18th centuries with the main focus on the lands of the Crown of Bohemia perceived as an integral component of the Habsburg monarchy and the Central European area. Outside of that, there are some areas of research orientated on Italy, France and the USA. The department also ensured the publication of the journal Folia Historica Bohemica, the only domestic specialized professional periodical devoted to the history of the Early Modern Period. The members of the department teach at a number of higher education workplaces. Their aim is also the popularization of the results of basic research, mainly on Czech Television and on Czech Radio, as well as in the form of lectures for the wider public or the university of the third age.


1. Political culture and royal power in Central Europe in Early Modern Period  
2. Church and religious history of Bohemian lands in Central European context 
3. Education, intellectual networks and communication in the 16th to 18th centuries 
4. Comparative towns history in socio-economic, culture and military-political perspective
5. Ideas, structures, identities. Hapsburg monarchy and Europe in Early Modern Age    
6. Historical sources to Bohemian history of 16th to18th centuries



Folia Historica Bohemica