The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

Department of Historical Bibliography

PhDr. Václava Horčáková

Mgr. Věra Hanelová

Tel: +420 225 443 305

Focus of the department
BDČZ – Bibliografie dějin Českých zemí (Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands) is an ongoing programme of the creation, processing and evaluation of a complex bibliographic database of Bohemica literature. It is a continuation of the project of specialist (historical) bibliography which has lasted continuously in the Czech lands since 1905, at the Institute of History since 1956. The modern methods build on these activities and are essential information resources for historical sciences and related fields.

BDČZ sets its aim to capture all the scientific and professional work (books, studies and articles, reviews and reports about literature) issued on Czech history at home and abroad. Part of the work is also the continuous monitoring of foreign bibliographic databases and other information sources. The aim of the bibliography is to achieve the most comprehensive information, a summary of all the available production, including extensive regional literature. It informs on the theoretical and methodological thought of the Czech historical community, captures information on scientific projects and reports from scientific life, and follows Czech history in the international context. The separate sections of the bibliography are devoted to the issue of teaching history, studying history and the history of schooling. Domestic and foreign Comeniological literature is continuously monitored. This is a data set that is unique in terms of content, especially regarding the articles, reviews and reports, which are not covered to this extent by any other available field databases.

The BDČZ provides public access on the Web to databases, which currently contain cca 400,000 records of literature from 1990 (Biblio database), and from 1895–2012 (Český časopis historický / Czech Historical Review). All the data are freely available without registration. The Web interface has been available in Czech, English and German versions since 2000.

Project Biblography of the History of the Czech Lands (2012-2016)
The BDČZ was included as a priority project within the social sciences and humanities in the Roadmap of the Czech Republic of large infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation, which was approved by a Government Resolution nr. 207 from March 15, 2010. This strategic document was created in response to the European roadmap and reflects in itself the engagement of Czech large infrastructures in the European Research Area. In 2016, work was completed on the project of Ministry of Education Youth and Sports no. LM2011018. Database development still continues. The agreement with KP-SYS about software support has been extended for another five years. At present, the project is funded with institutional funds of the Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences and is also supported by the Strategy AV 21.

Another output of the project is the Union Catalogue of the Bibliography of Czech and Slovak Historiography which allows access to the databases Bibliography of the History of the Czech lands, Bibliography of the History of Slovakia and Bibliography of the Czech archival science and enables their common search in Czech, Slovak, German, English and French.

International Cooperation

European Historical Bibliographies Project
The international project of fifteen historical bibliographies of thirteen European countries, has been coordinated since 2007 by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Berlin. The project is to promote the continuous cooperation of the participating institutions and is aimed to combine diverse national bibliographic projects at the European level, especially databases available online. The aim of the project is to achieve the most complex search in these sources throughout Europe and thus enable and facilitate international comparative historical research.

Literaturdokumentation zur Geschichte Ostmitteleuropas Project
The project of the bibliographic documentation of historical research on the history of Central and Eastern Europe. It mediates and further develops the electronic online research system for all of the relevant scientific literature. This database is created within the framework of international cooperation which is participated in by partner institutions in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary. The project has been coordinated since 1996 by the Herder Institute in Marburg that manages the database. The data are accessible online without limitation, in language versions of all the partners involved.

Electronic databases of scholarly production in historical sciences:

Specialized bibliographical search services



01  Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands (BDČZ)

02  Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands (BDČZ)


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