The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

Department of the 19th Century History

prof. PhDr. Milan Hlavačka, CSc. 

PhDr. Pavel Cibulka, CSc.

Focus of the department:
The department deals with the research of political, social, economic, religious and everyday history of the lands in the period 1790/92-1914/18 in the context of the development of the Habsburg monarchy, or Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe, analysis of the formation of the Czech national awareness in the wider European context and study of the genesis and transformations of interslavic relations. It editorially prepares and issues two specialized periodicals: Moderní dějiny (Modern History) and Slovanské historické studie (Slavic Historical Studies). The employees of the department teach at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague and at the Faculty of Arts and Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. They endeavour to popularize the results of basic research on television, radio, the press and through lectures for the wider public. They also participate in the conception of history textbooks for elementary, high and technical schools.

The research of Czech history is set in the European context, it then reflects particularly:
a) ties of the Czech nation to the surrounding Central European nations (including a comparative study of nationalism,
    national awareness and nationality minorities);
b) phenomena of Slavism, interslavic relations and the history of Slavonic studies;
c) study of the history of historiography;
d) selected questions from the history of Russia, Poland and Southeast Europe

The research of the history of the Balkans and Czech-Balkan relations accents:
Factual overviews of the history and culture of selected Balkan countries, particularly those that have not yet been treated in monograph form in the Czech milieu (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia).

The thematic focus of the department:
Political programs of Czech and German bourgeois parties in the 19th century
The emergence and development of self-government in the Czech lands until 1918
Transformations of,countryside in the 19th century
The phenomenon of poverty and social issue
Family business history
History of historiography and historical consciousness
Memory studies and digitizing handwritten memories
Religion tolerance in Bohemian and Czech history
Moravian history
The role of Slavs in the process of formation of the modern Czech national consciousness
Shaping the image of the Czech nation in Polish society
History of polish studies
The Czechs and the South Slavic nations, changes in their mutual relations
National consciousness of the Balkan peoples, historical myths and stereotypes
Cartographic rendering of cities and landscapes


Modern History
Slavonic Historical Studies