The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

ŠÍSTEK František, M. A., Ph.D.

Research employee of the Department of the 19th Century History

Tel: +420 225 443 289

Professional focus
history of the Balkans (19th–20th centuries): traditional society, modernization, national identity; Czech-South Slavic and Central European-Balkan relations; images and stereotypes of the Other; conception and interpretation of Balkan history; cultural and intellectual history

Significant awards
Award of Miroslav Ivanov: Honourable recognition in category of works by nonfiction authors to age 39, (for the book “Montenegro – A Brief History of the State”, Praha: Libri, 2007), awarded by the Club of the Authors of Nonfiction – jury for granting the literary Award of Miroslav Ivanov, Praha, 25 April 2008 (Book World Trade Fair)
2011 Wichterle Award for Young Employees of the Czech Academy of Sciences up to 35 years of age