The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

DEJMEK Jindųich, PhDr., DSc.

Phone: 286 882 121, line 244

Research employee of the Department of 20th Century History

Professional focus

history of international relations in the 20th century, history of Czechoslovak foreign policy, modern history of English-speaking countries with a focus on the United Kingdom and the USA, modern history of Poland, the Baltics and Scandinavia

Significant awards
1999 – junior award of the Learned Czech Society for the book: Historian at the Head of Diplomacy Kamil Krofta.
2003 - Otto Wichterle Award for outstanding young scientific employees of the Czech Academy of Sciences
2003 - Award of the Czech Academy of Sciences for the book: Czechoslovakia, Its Neighbours and Great Powers 
          in the 20th Century