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History and profile of the collection:

With the foundation of the State Historical Institute in 1921, a specialized library collection began to be created, which gave rise to one of the largest libraries with a focus on specialized historical literature. In 1993, the Institute of History was merged with the Institute for the History of Central and Eastern Europe, hence the Library of the IH CAS grew by 70,000 units and its collection was enriched by a number of unique scientific works related to general history, particularly of Slavonic lands. Currently, the Library contains 250,000 library items. This number includes ca one thousand early printed books, which were issued in 1500–1800. The annual growth is around two thousand books. A special collection comprises a collection of doctoral dissertations from the field of Czech, Czechoslovak and general history, which were defended at the Institute of History. In its collection, the Library has ca 360 titles of journals, of which the majority are acquired by exchange. Cooperation with many domestic and foreign institutions allows the acquisition of a large amount of specialized literature focused on history (periodicals and publications). In 1993, prof. Dr. Volker Press (Tübingen) willed his extensive library to the Institute of History. This collection, containing systematically acquired publication on the European history of the 16th–19th centuries id gradually included in the institute’s library collection. The collection of the study room includes basic editions, encyclopaedias, biographic handbooks, language dictionaries and historical journals. In the study room, it is possible to connect to WIFI.

Early Printed Books at the Manuscriptorium:

The term Early Printed Books indicates books, which were issued in 1500–1800 (prints before 1500 are labelled incunabula). The Library of the Institute of History houses three incunabula and ca one thousand early printed books, which form a thematically inhomogeneous whole. Books of a historiographic character predominate, which are devoted both to the history of the lands of the Crown of Bohemia and the Habsburg monarchy and the Holy Roman Empire and some further European states. They include, for instance, works by B. Paprocký from Hloholy, J. Dubravio, P. Stránský, J. Kruger, M. B. Bolelucký; the books deposited here also have a number of historical essays by B. Balbín, the works by T. Pešina from Čechorod, J. F. Hammerschmidt, F. M. Pelcl, M. A. Voigt, F. Pubička. Other than the mentioned examples, the early printed books of the IH also have historical essays by other Czech and foreign historians from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The languages of these early printed books are mainly German and Latin, to a lesser extent French and Czech, rather rarely then Italian. In terms of time, the greatest amount of these early printed books come from the 18th century.

Digitaized historical documents are accessible in the Manuscriptorium.

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