The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

Basic Research of Institute of History of the Cas Since 2013

The priority theme of the basic research of the Institute of History of the CAS (hereinafter only as IH CAS) since 2013 has been the research programmes, which will likely be supported from 2016 and complemented by the themes of selected circles and programmes of the Strategy of the CAS. The research programmes of the IH CAS have been formulated in broad professional discussions of the employees of the research departments of the institute. They reflect the current theoretical-methodological approaches and international historiographic discourses with an emphasis on the role of historical science in preserving national memory and forming national identity and culture in the broadest, multicultural sense.

They consist of:
A. Czech historical space within the European context, long-term, continuous research and works
B. Selected problems of Czech and Central European historical processes, partial, analytically or synthetically focused research and works
C. Sources of material and spiritual culture, their accessibility, protection and research

Research programs can continuously be made more precise and updated.

In resolving research programmes, the IH CAS endeavours to develop knowledge within the historical sciences on the international level. At the same time, it respects the current needs of Czech society, such as, inter alia, the development of historical awareness in the form of educational processes and science popularization. The research programmes build on the results of the previous two research programmes from the years 1999–2004 (History of the Czech lands in the international context to 1945) and 2005–2011 (Czech historical space in the European context: Diversity, continuity, integration). It also raises new problems and issues of Czech and Czechoslovak history in the international context in accordance with the founding charter of the IH CAS, namely for the period from the 9th century to the present.

The research programmes and their outputs partially have a long-term, continual character (work of an encyclopaedic, dictionary and atlas nature and editions), partially they are analytically or synthetically oriented programmes of the individual research sections and teams, of which many are projects supported from grant means. In this area, the research focuses on deepening the already resolved priorities (church history, residential history, modernization of society, society between democracy and totalitarianism, the historical landscape of the Czech lands), their expansion by other issues topical in world historiography and broaching new themes including observation of the continuity of socio-cultural and socio-economic phenomena.

The research programmes have been and continue to be developed in a broad spectrum of humanities with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. The most serious overlapping programmes include the trends of contemporary historiography - Theory and Methodology, Academic Encyclopaedia of the Czech Lands (issued in volumes on an ongoing basis), Academic Atlas of the Czech Lands, Biographical Dictionary of the Czech Lands (issued in volumes on an ongoing basis), the history of the Czech lands in light of the sources, the Vatican and Roman archives and libraries, the landscape as a space of Central European historical processes and editions as an instrument for making historical sources accessible. At the same time, many topics are resolved in cooperation with institutes of the CAS and universities and are supported by grants of various types (see

The valuable library collections and field collections of the IH CAS are exceptionally valuable evidence of the national and global memory and culture (B.) and also provide support for the basic and applied research of Czech and foreign researchers.
A significant share in the resolution of research programmes comprises the assurance of the professional infrastructure of the field, implemented through the publication of seven peer-reviewed specialized periodicals. They include the Český časopis historický (Czech Historical Journal), Slovanský přehled (Slavonic Review), Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica, Folia Historica Bohemica, Moderní dějiny (Modern History), Historická geografie (Historical Geography) and Hospodářské dějiny (Economic History, the last volumes dated 2013).


Collective works of society-wide scope. It is the continuation of extensive continual projects, which are implemented at the IH CAS as a contribution of the workplace to wider social needs, nevertheless meeting the standards of original research work:
Academic Encyclopaedia of Czech History
Academic Atlas of Czech History (issued 2014) with further volumes on component themes
Biographical Dictionary of the Czech Lands
Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands (analogue and digital outputs and database)


Medieval History
Supervisor: PhDr. Eva Doležalová, Ph.D.

1. Church history; Evropská reformace jako model revolucí and krizí současného světa - European Reformation
    as a Model for Revolutions and Crises
2. Research centre Courts and Residences in the Middle Ages

Early Modern History; Development and transformations of society, religion and culture of the Czech lands and the Habsburg monarchy in the Early Modern Period
Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Martin Holý, Ph.D.

1. Confessional violence in the Early Modern Period
2. Ecclesiastical administration in the period after the Battle of White Mountain
3. Sovereign power in Central Europe in the Early Modern Period
4. Education, the intellectual network and communication in the Early Modern Period
5. Bio-bibliographical database of monks and nuns in the Czech lands in the Early Modern Period

19th Century History
Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Milan Hlavačka, CSc.

1. Collective identity, modernization and homogenization of society
2. Social relations and the social question
3. Economic modernization of society – course, impacts, residues
4. Cultural heritage, religion and places of memory
5. Slavonic context of Czech history: images and stereotypes
Project of regional cooperation
Exposition of the Museum in Podchřibí
Mgr. Milan Řepa, Ph.D., 2013-2014 (Institute of History of the CAS, v. v. i.)

20th Century History
Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Jan Němeček, DrSc.

1. Přesídlování národů – cílevědomý proces řešení hospodářských and politických problémů světa - Frontiers,
    Massacres and Resettlement of Populations
2. Společnost mezi demokracií and totalitou – Society between Democracy and Totalitarianism

Selected themes with a chronological and thematic overlap
1. Trends of contemporary historiography - theory and methodology
Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Svatava Raková, CSc.
2. History of the Czech lands in light of the sources of the Vatican and Roman archives and libraries (with support of the foreign workplace of the IH CAS, the Czech Historical Institute in Rome)
Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Pánek, DrSc.

Biographic Studies
Supervisor: PhDr. Marie Makariusová
Biographic Dictionary of the Czech Lands, continuation from notebook 16/2013

Partial independent outputs with a biographic theme
Historical Bibliography
Supervisor: PhDr. Václava Horčáková
Historical bibliography in the international context
Database of Historical Bibliography

Historical Geography
Supervisor: prof. PhDr. Eva Semotanová, DrSc.
Landscape as a space of Central European historical processes
Commission for Historical Geography (President PhDr. Robert Šimůnek, Ph.D.)
Research Centre of Historical Geography (with the Faculty of Science of CU)

Historical Atlas of the Towns of the Czech Republic
PhDr. Robert Šimůnek, Ph.D.


C.1 Editions as an instrument of making historical sources accessible, methodology of editorial work
1. Edition of medieval sources
Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Pavel Krafl, Ph.D.
Regesta diplomatica nec non epistolaria Bohemiae et Moraviae
Commission for Edition of Medieval Diplomatic Sources (President doc. PhDr. Pavel Krafl, Ph.D.)

2. Edition of Early Modern Sources
Supervisor: Mgr. Tomáš Sterneck, PhD.
Centre of Early Modern Studies

3. Edition of Modern Sources (19th and 20th centuries)
Supervisor: PhDr. Pavel Cibulka, CSc., doc. PhDr. Jan Němeček, DrSc.
Centre for Legal Historical Studies
Supervisor: prof. JUDr. Karel Malý, DrSc., Faculty of Science of CU

C.2 Valuable Library Collections of the IH CAS
1. Library of the IH CAS, revision and treatment of the collections of early printed books, selective digitation
Supervisor: Mgr. Ivana Pittnerová
2. Library of the IH CAS, Retrospective conversion of the paper catalogue of a specific, valuable library collection of the IH CAS with a focus on history, mainly on national history, on the history of European states or state whose history is related to the history of the Czech lands.
Supervisor: Mgr. Ivana Pittnerová

C.3 August Sedláčk Collection
Supervisor and curator: PhDr. Eva Doležalová, Ph.D.

C.4 Map Collection
Supervisor and curator: Mgr. Eva Chodějovská

C.5 Photo Collection
Supervisor and curator: PhDr. Lenka Blechová, Ph.D.


Published field periodicals: the Český časopis historický (Czech Historical Journal), Slovanský přehled (Slavonic Review), Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica, Folia Historica Bohemica, Moderní dějiny (Modern History), Historická geografie (Historical Geography) and Hospodářské dějiny (Economic History).