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The Czech Historical Review is a leading historical journal which has been published since 1895 (founded on 17. 11. 1894). It mediates the most important research findings on Czech and world history, case studies, discussions, reviews and reports as well, alongside the surveys of both domestic and foreign historiographical  production. Since its very beginnings it has been a peer-reviewed periodical in which individual contributions have been assessed by at least two reviewers. Based on their recommendations, the final decision whether to publish or not is undertaken by the Editorial Board. It strives to offer its readership a range of methodological approaches and the opinions of different generations of historians. The Editorial Board takes the utmost care that contributions to The Czech Historical Review come from all parts of the Czech Republic, in addition the Review also offers fundamental information on foreign production and the most crucial pieces of information from academic circles. 
It is included on the list of journals in SCOPUS database. It is included in ERIH - the European Reference Index for the Humanities (Category A).  Next


The Slavonic Review is the principal history journal published in the Czech Republic with a focus on the history of the nations of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.  It was founded in October, 1898. In its nascence it contributed a wide spectrum of current information about political and cultural events in the Slavic world. In the 1960s it was transformed into a scholarly history journal, and at the beginning of the 1990s it became a periodical subjected to rigorous peer review. Besides analytical scholarly studies and articles it also prints material (source) texts, specialized discussions, reviews, reports, digests of domestic and foreign historiographical production and other important information from the scholarly world. The Slavonic Review endeavors to present the historic development of the Czech nation and other countries in its geographical area of interest in broad international-political and cultural interconnections and at the same time also serve as a platform where historians of different generations who use diverse methodological approaches can meet and exchange opinions. The journal is open to researchers from the Czech Republic and also from abroad. It publishes contributions in Czech, Slovak and English.  Next


The periodical is devoted to the history of the Bohemian Middle Age in the context of Central European and European development. The foundation of the journal occurred on 1 October 1990 with its separation from the series Folia Historica Bohemica, which on the contrary at the same time narrowed its interest only to Early Modern themes. Since 2001, it has been a peer-reviewed periodical. Since 2007, MHB has belonged to the category of internationally recognized scientific periodicals (Int2) with the database European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) and since 2008 the English abstracts have been published in the CEJSH international database. Currently, this periodical comes out twice a year.
The review and annotation published in the journal MHB have been freely accessible online since Volume 2012 at the portal Recensio.netNext


The journal Folia Historica Bohemica publishes mainly specialized studies, further discussion contributions and reviews of the latest foreign and domestic literature, possibly also other texts (the sections Horizons, Historiand of the Early Modern Period etc.). The journal was created on 12 February 1979. In 1979–1990 (Nr. 1–13), the periodical was devoted to Czech history from the 9th to the middle of the 19th centuries; since 1990 (since Nr. 14) it has specialized in Czech and general history of the Early Modern Period (16th–18th centuries). From Issue 21 (2005), the Folia Historica Bohemica has been a peer-reviewed journal. In 2008, it was included in the List of Peer-Reviewed Non-Impact Periodicals issued in the CR. It also figures in the international database ERIH (Category INT2).  Next


A specialized periodical with the subtitle A Journal for the History of the 19th and 20th Centuries, it is intended for the publication of analytical studies, materials and documents on general and Czech history of the given period. Résumés in English and in German. Since its beginning, it has been a peer-reviewed periodical. Since 2008, the abstracts of the articles have been published in the database The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (CEJSH) ( The authors of the published articles consent to the publication of the names, addresses of the employer and English abstract in this database. If that is not the case, the editorial board request to be informed of the non-consent.
The journal Modern History is registered in the international database European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH), in the international internet database The Central European Journal of Social Science and Humanitises (CEJSH) and in the database of the Library of Congress USA. In 2009, the journal was included in the List of Peer-Reviewed Non-Impact Journals issued in the Czech Republic.  Next


The journal Historical Geography presents historical geography as a field with a broad spectrum of themes, methods and sources. It follows the new ideas and perspectives of historical-geographical research and the ongoing projects of historical geography. It has been issued since 1 January 1968. The conception of historical-geographical research and the contents of the journal Historical Geography have been changing as modern sciences and its methods have changed. Despite that, the journal remains faithful to several main problem areas: historical geography of residences and the population, economic historical geography, the territorial development of the Czech lands, physical-geographical historical geography, history of cartography, historical cartography, the historical geography of culture and most recently environmental history. The listed themes are complemented, for instance, by theoretical, methodological and terminological works, chapters from selected bachelor’s master’s or doctoral theses, and so on. Since its 30th issue (1999), Historical Geography has been a peer-reviewed journal; since 2008, it has been included in the “List of Peer-Reviewed Non-Impact Periodicals published in the Czech Republic”.  Next