The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences

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Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Builds on the tradition of the State Historical Editorial Institute (est. 1921). It is current form, it has been a component of the Czech Academy of Sciences since its foundation in 1952 (in 1970-1990 as the Institute of Czechoslovak and World History); since 1 January 2007, its statute has been that of a public research institution.

The Institute of History is a component of the network of domestic and foreign scientific, research and higher education institutions. Basic research is done in the field of Czech, Czechoslovak and general history. It is a leading world research workplace, which systematically deals with the past of the Czech/Czechoslovak state in the full extent of its historical existence, and a number of outstanding specialists in the field are concentrated at its workplaces in Prague, Brno and České Budějovice. Professional reflection on the past and the role of the historical sciences in preserving the national memory and forming the national identity and culture in the broadest, multicultural sense forms an indispensable part of a civilized society, contributes to the development of their positive value norms and through analytical and critical discourses provides the professional and wider publics with the necessary feedback.

Currently, there are ca 58 research and 26 non-research employees at its workplaces.

The priority themes of the basic research of the Institute of History of the CAS (hereinafter only IH CAS) are internal research programmes, which support and complement the themes of the selected circles and programmes of the Strategy of the Academy of Sciences “AV 21”. The research programmes of the IH of the CAS were formulated in a broad specialist discussion of the employees of the research departments of the institute. They reflect contemporary theoretical-methodological approaches and international historiographic discourses with an emphasis on the role of the historical sciences in preserving the national memory and forming the national identity and culture in the broadest, multicultural sense. They comprise:

A  Czech historical space in the European context, long-term, continual research and works
B  Selected problems of Czech and Central European historical processes, partial, analytical or synthetically
    focused research and works
C  Sources of material and spiritual culture, making them accessible, preservation and research

At the Institute of History Publishing, which is a component of the Institute of History, scientific monographs and several leading field journals – Český časopis historický (Czech Historical Journal, est. 1895), Slovanský přehled (Slavonic Survey, est. 1898), Folia Historica Bohemica (Folia of Bohemian History), Historická geografie (Historical Geography), Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica (Medieval Bohemian History) and Moderní dějiny (Modern History) are issued, which provide publication scope to the domestic and foreign scientific communities.