Historický ústav akademie věd České republiky, v. v. i.

KAAR Alexandra, Mag. Mag. Dr.

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Medieval History

Email: kaar@hiu.cas.cz
Tel: +420 225 443 260

Current Research Interests
Cultural history of medieval trade and trade embargos, History of the later crusades, in particular the Hussite Wars, History of the Czech Lands and of the Luxembourg dynasty in the 15th century, Conflict and cohabitation between contending faith groups, History of every day life in religiously mixed societies, Urban history

2001 – 2006: Master in history, University of Vienna (MA thesis: Der Heilige auf der Flucht. Normanneneinfälle in westfränkischen Translationsberichten des 9. Jahrhunderts [Saints as Refugees: Norman Raids in 9th century West Frankish translationes], Thesis supervisor: Dr Adelheid Krah)
2006 – 2010: Master in historical research, auxiliary and archival sciences, Austrian Institute of Historical Research, Vienna (MA thesis: Kaiser Sigismund von Luxemburg und die Sechsstädte der Oberlausitz [Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg and the Upper Lusatian Six-Towns-League], Thesis supervisor: Prof. Christian Lackner)
2012 – 2017: Doctor in history, University of Vienna, Austria (Title of the PhD dissertation: Eine Frage des Seelenheils. Wirtschaft, Krieg und das Handelsverbot gegen die Hussiten in Böhmen 1420–1436 [For the Salvation of the Soul: Economy, War, and the Embargo against the Czech Hussites, 1420 – 1436], PhD supervisor: Prof. Philippe Buc)

Previous Research Posts
2006 – 2012 and 2017: Junior researcher at the Institute for Medieval Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Department Regesta Imperii, Regesten Kaiser Sigismunds (Direction: Dr Karel Hruza)
2012 – 2016: Predoctoral teaching and research assistant (Universitätsassistentin), Department of History/Austrian Institute of Historical Research, University of Vienna (assigned to Prof. Philippe Buc)
2015 – 2017: Freelance academic proofreading and translating for the Regesta Imperii Branch Office Brno, Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archive Studies, Masaryk University, Brno (Dr Petr Elbel)

Fellowships and international experience
2004 – 2005: Erasmus Foreign Exchange Scholarship, Université Paris IV – La Sorbonne, Paris, France
2016: Marietta Blau Grant, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Visiting Fellow at the Medieval Research Centre, University of Leicester (Prof. Norman Housley), and at the Centre for Medieval Studies, CAS/Charles University, Prague (Prof. František Šmahel)
2017: Dissertation Completion Fellowship of the University of Vienna

2012 – 2016: Department of History/Austrian Institute of Historical Research, University of Vienna

Comprehensive Bibliography